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Let’s say you’re a marketing manager with a project that needs to get done. Maybe your graphics department is too busy and your ad agency is too expensive. Or, maybe you’re the owner of a new or small business in need of some branding help – you need a logo or a targeted html email campaign or would like to send a digital newsletter to a subscriber list. Do you ever wish you had an external graphics partner you can call on to help you out with these kind of needs? Someone who understands print and digital? Someone who knows how to follow a graphics standards manual? Someone who takes budgets and deadlines seriously?

I have great news! I am that someone. If you’re looking for this kind of pay-as-you-go graphics partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Eye for Detail I take great pride in my work and projects. Bottom line? I care how you look.

HTML Emails
New West Charter
Web Site and Identity
Epic Camp, New Zealand
Brand Identity
Mandavia + Ephraim
Book Cover
F. D. Raphael
Web Site
Wrecking Ball Advertising
Motion Picture Key Art
Francise Pictures
Web Site
Studio 2 Partners

On Time I don’t miss deadlines. Ever. Which helps make your business as successful as it can be.

Limited Edition Serigraph Poster
University of Connecticut
Print Poster
Wrecking Ball Advertising
Landing Page
Pepper Jelly Advertising
Print Posters
Wrecking Ball Advertising
Print Advertising
77 Ventures Advertising
Medical Brochure
Brainchild Creative

Knowledgeable I will answer your questions and find solutions for any graphics issue you may have.

Compact Disc Packaging
Barking Pumpkin Records

I’m Brian Johnson. My wife and I founded Command A Studios 25 years ago. We’re the proud parents of two remarkable beings and are the caring owners of the laziest Husky on earth. I'm an avid runner (avid – not fast or accomplished), and have been known to enjoy a brew or two. My work has been featured in Publish, Graphis and Communication Arts magazines. I live with my family in Los Angeles. I work in my garage.